How to laugh on stage…

Everyone knows, for the majority of people it is hard to laugh on stage.

Here are some tricks and tips to enhance your laugh and make it more realistic:
Laugh Neon-light Signage Turned on

  1. Don’t control yourself. Your natural laugh comes as a surprise, like an unplanned vocalization. Try to mimic this in your fake laughter. Your laughter is irregular so add variety to your laughter by going up and down in pitch.
  2. Speed up the rate of your laugh.  Listeners are more likely to believe a laugh when it is sped up. Instead of a slow deep laugh, make it more high pitched and giggly.
  3. Add breathes to your laughter. You can tell a fake laugh from a real one by the breath inserted between your chuckles and chortles. To make a laugh more realistic, allow your breath to come in more staggered intervals to make it seem more genuine.
  4. Laugh according to your gender. Men and Women both tend to vary to different tones of laughter. Women laugh in a more sing-song, birdlike manner, while men most often grunt or snort in amusement. Use this to your advantage to make your laugh sound less fake.
  5. Don’t laugh to loud. Most people have trouble with this. They often fake their laughter so much over the top, everyone can tell it is fake. So, basically don’t laugh so loud to where you can’t hear the conversation over it.
  6. Taper off of the end of your laugh. A common error is when you come to an abrupt stop in your laughter. Your natural laugh never happens to abruptly stop so begin fading your laugh until you feel like it is right to stop.

Sketches and a Poem: Sailing Ship


The sailboat sways from side to side

Feeling the pressure of the waves

Almost at Full Tide

The captain on board can see land

A beautiful island

Filled with sand

New adventures over every turn

The sea toils with its rocky churns

Many rough days pass

But finally they reach land at last!



Roll the Dice, Break the Ice

The rules:

On your own blog make up 12 questions about you and answer them. Then tag 5 people.  Roll the dice to find out who you tag. So number your followers and roll the dice on the computer or just use a normal dice. Which ever number you land on use that number to find out which follower you get. Start in the middle or end or beginning of your followers and count up or down and see who it lands on. Then repeat.

My questions:

  1. Who is your favorite movie/ theatre actress?         For film, I can’t decide between Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson. They are both pretty fantastic. For theatre I have no gadotScarlett-Johansson-1
  2. Who is your favorite movie/ theatre actor?                                                                     In the movies, I like both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. For theatre I don’t know.2017-chris-hemsworth  186609411
  3. What is your favorite thing to draw?  I like to draw many things but I love drawing people.Image result for drawing of a person
  4. What is your favorite thing to draw with?    I love to draw with colored pencils. My favorite brand for those are PrismaColor. They have the best texture and are easy to draw with.Image result for prismacolor pencils
  5. What has been your favorite play you have ever done?  My favorite play I have ever done is either Cinderella: The world’s favorite fairy tale, or Fairy Tale: Bits and Bytes.Image result for cinderella   Image result for fairy tale bits and bytes
  6. Do you have a favorite book about theatre or art?   Yes, I do.  I have two favorite art books, one is called The girl with the pearl earring by Tracy Chevelier and the other is called Da Vinci’s Tiger by L. M. Elliott and for the theatre book I really don’t know many so if you’ve read a good one, comment down below to what it’s called.Image result for the girl with the pearl earring book  Image result for da vinci's tiger book
  7. How did you get into acting?     My mom put me in acting when I was six because my sister had done it. I loved it right away and kept doing it.Image result for acting
  8. How do you know when an art piece is done?   Every time an art piece of mine is done I have a feeling that goes through me and I know it is perfect.Image result for drawing of a person painting
  9. Who is your favorite Artist?   My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I love many artists works other then his though.Image result for vincent van gogh
  10. What is your favorite painting or drawing?   I have three favorite paintings. One is The girl with a pearl earring, The starry night, and The water lily pond.Image result for starry nightRelated imageImage result for water lily pond
  11. Do you have a preference for theatre or film?   I like them both, but for my future I am leaning more towards film.Image result for theatre or film
  12. Do you want to be a movie actress in hollywood?   Yes! I would. So if you know anyone that can help me achieve this. Please, comment below!Image result for hollywood

I tag:







Da Vinci’s Tiger

Image result for da vinci's tiger book

I just read this fantastic book. It is called Da Vinci’s Tiger by L. M. Elliott. I recommend you read it! It was really interesting. Here is the summary:

Ginevra de’ benci, a real life Renaissance woman, longs to share her poetry and participate in the artistic ferment of Renaissance Florence. But she is trapped in an arranged marriage, in a society dictated by men. When a Venetian Ambassador, Bernardo Bembo arrives, he introduces Ginevra to a world of patrons, artists, and philosophers. She is attracted to the handsome newcomer, yet afflicted by his attentions. He then chooses Ginevra as his Platonic muse to be painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Posing for the brilliant painter sparks an intimacy between them. In the Renaissance world, the young poet strives for greatness and tries to find her voice but in the end, she and Leonardo are caught up in a deadly battle between powerful families.


Why Are You Late?

Here is a fun game to play with your friends and family or at your acting class. It is called Why are you late? Here is how to play:

What you need:Why are you late

Four or more players


How to play:

Step 1:  First assign characters. Have two players be “officer workers”, one player to be the the “boss”, and another player to be the “late worker.”

Step 2:  The “officer workers” should face the audience and mime typing on a computer.

Step 3: The “boss” and “late worker” leave the room while the “officer workers” come up with an idea to why the “late worker” is late. (i.e. her hair got caught in the dishwasher, his car was crushed by a dinosaur, ect. )

Step 4:  Once the “office workers” have decided they go back to typing at their computers. The “boss” enters and stands with his/her back to the “office workers”. Then the “late worker” enters and stands in front of the “boss” so they can see the “office workers” but the “boss” can’t.

Step 5: The “boss” asks the “late worker” Why are you late?

Step 6: The “officer workers” mime out the reason why the “late worker” is late behind the “bosses” back and the “late worker” has to try to guess what it is.

Step 7: At anytime the “boss” can turn around and face the “office workers” – if he catches one of them not typing at their computer, then they are fired and must leave the office.

Step 8: The game ends when the “late worker” guesses why they are late or when the “boss” fires all of the “office workers”.


The more silly the reason for lateness, the better!