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I have started a Youtube channel!

It is all about acting, theatre, and so many other fun things!

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I started this to jump my career in acting. I hope you can support me.



How to: Draw an Eye

Ever wanted to draw that realistic eye. Here is a few steps to show you how:

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Step 1: To draw a realistic eye you first want to outline the shape of the eye. This step does not have to be perfect. Draw lightly and try to get the basic shape of the eye.

Step 2: Draw the inner circle of the eye. This should be light and not in the middle of the eye. It should come from the eyelid and stretch all the way until almost touching the bottom of the eye.

Step 3: Draw the Pupil and highlight a square in the eye.

Step 4: Next Fill in the Pupil with a light grey and draw the eyelid. This should be close to the eye and very dark.

Step 5: All that is next is lots of shading and highlighting. Remember: Start light and gradually shade darker. The top of the inner circle of the eye should be dark since it is shaded by the eyelid.

Step 6: Add the eyelashes and swoop them up to make a 3D effect. Don’t add too many eyelashes and keep it simple.

Step 7: Add some depth to the inner of the pupil and shade the corners of the eye and the eyelid.

Step 8: Your finished! Congrats! Keep working on your eye if you don’t feel like it is perfect. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Sketches and a Poem: Squid

The Squid:

The Squid dove deep

Into the inky, blue sea

With light shimmering in its eyes

It looked terrified

Swimming fast

Not looking back

The squid disappeared into the black night

Where no one could see

And everyone was free

The Squid stayed with its heart content

Hidden under the pressure of the sea

12 Days of Theatre and Art (Poem)

Another day arrives and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. Here is my Christmas poem. From me to you.

Christmas Eve

As I dip my brush into the green

I hear my voice upon the screen

I watch my play

As I paint all day

Christmas Eve it is

Tomorrow is the special day

Where I give all my gifts away.

My play finishes up

And I drink hot chocolate by the fire

Suddenly, I am filled with a strong desire

To paint my dreams away.

My painting comes to life

Many bold colors mixing into one

To make something real

A magical, Christmas tree.







12 Days of Theatre and Art (Crafts)

The 2nd day of 12 days of Theatre and Art is here and today I am sharing with you some arts and crafts that I love doing around the holidays.

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This Christmas tree is super easy to make although, it may look hard. I always use a base, such as a paper towel role and I cut the ends to look like a triangle. Then you get cardboard paper cut them into strips and fold those in half. Afterwards, you add decorations and now you have your Christmas tree.





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These snowman are super cute and easy to make. All you need is paper and string. Follow the demo below to make.












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These Jars are fun to make and would work as a great cheap gift.

Hairstyles: Easy Theatre Hairstyles

I know I haven’t written in a while… but here are some easy hairstyles that you can add onto or take an idea from for your character.

Some of these I have had while playing the many roles of my characters.

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Image result for theatre hairstyles for a playRelated image

Image result for theatre hairstyles for a play

Image result for theatre hairstyles for a play

Comment down below which one is your favorite and let me know if you try one of these!

First Day of School

Today was my first day of high-school. By first period I had homework which was terrible but I saw my friends and that was SO GREAT! I had off periods because of college classes and I hung out with my friends, ate lunch and of course did a little bit of school work. I also had to stand in line for pictures and to get my textbooks. Overall, the day was ok and I didn’t have a terrible time which was good. I am ready for tomorrow, kind of and I hope it will be a fun day! Comment down below if you still go to school and if you don’t say what your favorite part of school was!

Costumes, Makeup, Hair

The day is here

The play is onTurned on Stage Lights

Arriving Early

Excitement in the air

Hair is done within an hour

Makeup has now begun

Highlight, contour and blush

Eyeliner, eyebrows and Lipstick

Makeup is done

Costume is on


A full audience

After four hours,

and a bunch of hairspray

Lights on

We walk on stage.