12 Days of Theatre and Art (Mad Libs)

The third day of 12 Days of Theatre and Art is upon us and today I have a fun Mad Libs that you can try on your friends and family. Afterwards, act it out and try not to laugh.

Christmas Tree

Every _________________ (month)  we _____________________ (verb) to a tree _________________ (place) far away. Not just any ________________ (adjective) farm, a _____________________ (adjective) tree ___________________ (place). My dad and I ___________________ (verb) onto the ___________________ (noun) to ____________________ (verb) for the perfect _________________ (noun).  Some people like them ______________________ (adjective) and _____________________ (adjective) and some like them ______________________ (color) and fat.  We are searching for a tall and _______________________ (adjective) one! “Over there!” I exclaim.  “Dad, it’s over there!” Off we __________________ (verb) saw in hand to _______________ (verb) this year’s _______________________ (noun) down. ______________________ (Exclamation) it’s ___________________ (holiday) finally!


Theatre Game: Famous People

Here is a fun theatre game called Famous People.

What you need:


3+ peopledrama activity famous people

Whiteboard, chalkboard


How to play:

  1. Set up two or three chairs in front of a whiteboard / chalkboard. Have the chairs face the Audience with their backs facing the writing surface.
  2. Ask two or three volunteers to sit in the chair.
  3. Behind each volunteers head write down three famous celebrities. The audience should be able to see them but not the volunteers.
  4. The goal is for the volunteers to guess which celebrity they are by asking simple “yes” or “no” questions to the audience. If the response is a “yes” that volunteer gets to keep asking questions to the class. If it is a “no” then the turn is passed onto the next volunteer. (Sample questions could be “Am I male?” Am I a child?” “Am I green?” and so on.)
  5. The game continues until the volunteers guess who they are.



  • If you are rehearsing a specific play or musical consider using only characters in that script.
  • Instead of characters you could also choose famous places.
  • For a class, consider trying a tournament scenario where the first volunteer to guess who they are is the “ultimate winner” and the other winners compete in a final round to see who is “champion.”




Roll the Dice, Break the Ice

The rules:

On your own blog make up 12 questions about you and answer them. Then tag 5 people.  Roll the dice to find out who you tag. So number your followers and roll the dice on the computer or just use a normal dice. Which ever number you land on use that number to find out which follower you get. Start in the middle or end or beginning of your followers and count up or down and see who it lands on. Then repeat.

My questions:

  1. Who is your favorite movie/ theatre actress?         For film, I can’t decide between Gal Gadot and Scarlett Johansson. They are both pretty fantastic. For theatre I have no idea.gal gadotScarlett-Johansson-1
  2. Who is your favorite movie/ theatre actor?                                                                     In the movies, I like both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. For theatre I don’t know.2017-chris-hemsworth  186609411
  3. What is your favorite thing to draw?  I like to draw many things but I love drawing people.Image result for drawing of a person
  4. What is your favorite thing to draw with?    I love to draw with colored pencils. My favorite brand for those are PrismaColor. They have the best texture and are easy to draw with.Image result for prismacolor pencils
  5. What has been your favorite play you have ever done?  My favorite play I have ever done is either Cinderella: The world’s favorite fairy tale, or Fairy Tale: Bits and Bytes.Image result for cinderella   Image result for fairy tale bits and bytes
  6. Do you have a favorite book about theatre or art?   Yes, I do.  I have two favorite art books, one is called The girl with the pearl earring by Tracy Chevelier and the other is called Da Vinci’s Tiger by L. M. Elliott and for the theatre book I really don’t know many so if you’ve read a good one, comment down below to what it’s called.Image result for the girl with the pearl earring book  Image result for da vinci's tiger book
  7. How did you get into acting?     My mom put me in acting when I was six because my sister had done it. I loved it right away and kept doing it.Image result for acting
  8. How do you know when an art piece is done?   Every time an art piece of mine is done I have a feeling that goes through me and I know it is perfect.Image result for drawing of a person painting
  9. Who is your favorite Artist?   My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I love many artists works other then his though.Image result for vincent van gogh
  10. What is your favorite painting or drawing?   I have three favorite paintings. One is The girl with a pearl earring, The starry night, and The water lily pond.Image result for starry nightRelated imageImage result for water lily pond
  11. Do you have a preference for theatre or film?   I like them both, but for my future I am leaning more towards film.Image result for theatre or film
  12. Do you want to be a movie actress in hollywood?   Yes! I would. So if you know anyone that can help me achieve this. Please, comment below!Image result for hollywood

I tag:







Theatre Game: Why Are You Late?

Here is a fun game to play with your friends and family or at your acting class.

It is called Why are you late? Here is how to play:

What you need:Why are you late

Four or more players


How to play:

Step 1:  First assign characters. Have two players be “officer workers”, one player to be the the “boss”, and another player to be the “late worker.”

Step 2:  The “officer workers” should face the audience and mime typing on a computer.

Step 3: The “boss” and “late worker” leave the room while the “officer workers” come up with an idea to why the “late worker” is late. (i.e. her hair got caught in the dishwasher, his car was crushed by a dinosaur, ect. )

Step 4:  Once the “office workers” have decided they go back to typing at their computers. The “boss” enters and stands with his/her back to the “office workers”. Then the “late worker” enters and stands in front of the “boss” so they can see the “office workers” but the “boss” can’t.

Step 5: The “boss” asks the “late worker” Why are you late?

Step 6: The “officer workers” mime out the reason why the “late worker” is late behind the “bosses” back and the “late worker” has to try to guess what it is.

Step 7: At anytime the “boss” can turn around and face the “office workers” – if he catches one of them not typing at their computer, then they are fired and must leave the office.

Step 8: The game ends when the “late worker” guesses why they are late or when the “boss” fires all of the “office workers”.


The more silly the reason for lateness, the better!

Theatre Game: Storyteller

Storyteller is a really fun acting game.

Here is how to play it:

What you will need:

A block, or seat to sit on

An open space

3-5 peopleRelated image


How to play:

Assign someone the Storyteller. They will be the one’s making up the story.

Next, have all the other people get in a line.

Then the storyteller will begin their story. As they tell it, every character will come on. The characters may not speak though and they must do everything the storyteller tells them to do.

The story should only last 3-4 minutes and then you may switch the storyteller and make up another story.

I hope you have fun playing this game! Comment down below any stories that you came up with.

Drawing Ideas for a Blank Mind

I always have those days where I can’t think of anything to draw.  I always want to draw but nothing comes to mind so here are a few ideas:

A landscape

A person

A cactus

A camera

An animalImage result for many drawings

Your favorite sport

Your favorite celebrity

Music Instruments

A zen tangle animal

The Eiffel tower

And a plant


Look these items up to get elaborate details and look off the picture.



Theatre Game: Statues

Another Acting game:

What you need:

3 or more people (Friends or Family)

With more people it is better.Image result for statue game

Goal of the game is for the Night Guard to get people out and for the statues to stay in.

How to play:

The Watcher/Night Guard tries to get the statues out.  The statues try to move when the Night Guard is not looking. So, when the Night Guard is looking they freeze like statues. This goes on until only one person is left.

Last person standing wins and is the new Night guard.

The statues can not stay in one place for long otherwise they are out and they should try to do the biggest movements possible.

Theatre Game: Bus stop

Bus stop is a fun theatre game I play at acting.

Two or more people are required for this game.

What you need:
A bench

Or rows of chairs.Image result for long bench

Here is how to play:

  1. Have a bench
  2. Have a person sit on the bench
  3. Then have the other person come up to the person sitting on the bench and have them creep them out.


Try to get the other person off the bench

But you have to think as your friends and family members as strangers. So, if a stranger walked up to you. What would you do?

4. After they are scared off the bench. The other person takes their place. Then you do it again.

Try to be the weirdest you can be.


“Hello, I like your hair” (smells it)

“Your hair smells like__________________”

“May I have it” (takes hair between hands)

“Did I say hello”

“Oh wait I like your hair”

“I like your hair.”

Comment down below what you do.

Thank you!