12 Days of Theatre and Art (Re-create: Holiday Presents)

As it grows closer and closer to Christmas people are starting to finish up thier gift wrappings. Here is a picture I took of my gifts and then below it is my drawing.

Comment down below if they look similar!

(This was a little hard so they are on different perspectives and it is a rough sketch)


Colored Pencil Techniques

Most of the time, colored pencils are hard to work with, especially with a realistic drawing.

Here are some tips and techniques to get the perfect drawing.

Image result for colored pencil techniquesFirst use these to add texture to your drawing. To not show the distinct lines use scumbling to make it smooth.


Image result for colored pencil techniques

Burnishing is polishing to make something look smooth and flat. When you use burnishing try layering colors.

Make sure when you are doing realistic drawings you use a lot of colors. In skin colors there are about 4 – 6 colors. So, layer and then burnish.

Image result for colored pencil techniques

Play with darks and lights and always put on the white first because you can’t put white over another color otherwise it won’t turn out pure white.

I hope this helps! Have fun drawing!