12 Days of Theatre and Art (Re-create: Holiday Presents)

As it grows closer and closer to Christmas people are starting to finish up thier gift wrappings. Here is a picture I took of my gifts and then below it is my drawing.

Comment down below if they look similar!

(This was a little hard so they are on different perspectives and it is a rough sketch)


12 Days of Theatre and Art (Would you Rather?)

Christmas is coming! Here is a fun game to take your mind off the endless hours of waiting.

Christmas Would You Rather:

Would You Rather live in a giant gingerbread house OR ride on the Polar Express?Image result for gingerbread house

I think I would rather live in a giant gingerbread house, although I might have to keep buying houses because I keep eating my house.

Would You Rather have elf ears OR a Santa beard?

I would rather have elf ears.

Would You Rather make snow angels OR go ice skating?Image result for ice skater

Ice Skating because you can do this for a longer amount of time and I think it would be more entertaining after a while.

Would You Rather wear large ornaments for earrings OR a decorated wreath necklace?Image result for ornament earrings

I think I would choose the earrings because I wear them more often then necklaces.

Would You Rather have mittens for hands OR ski’s for feet?

This one is really hard but I think I’ll choose to have the ski’s for feet. I think that this would be easier in some aspects rather than the mittens for hands.

Would You Rather have a bonfire and eat smores OR watch a holiday video and drink hot chocolate?Image result for bonfire and smores

I think I would have to choose a bonfire and smores because I’ve had lots of bonfires in the past and they are super fun.

Would You Rather go sledding OR take a horse drawn sleigh?

This one is really hard as well but I am going to choose sledding because I have always loved sledding and I could spend hours doing it.Image result for sledding

Would You Rather have snowflakes for eyelashes OR icicles for teeth?

I think I would choose the snowflakes for eyelashes because the icicles for teeth would be really challenging to eat with. Plus snowflakes are pretty so you would have very cool eyelashes.

12 Days of Theatre and Art (Drawing)

I just drew this for all of you to wish you a merry and happy holiday.

It is just a quick sketch and I didn’t spend a ton of time on it so it is not my best work.

Happy Holidays!

12 Days of Theatre and Art (Mad Libs)

The third day of 12 Days of Theatre and Art is upon us and today I have a fun Mad Libs that you can try on your friends and family. Afterwards, act it out and try not to laugh.

Christmas Tree

Every _________________ (month)  we _____________________ (verb) to a tree _________________ (place) far away. Not just any ________________ (adjective) farm, a _____________________ (adjective) tree ___________________ (place). My dad and I ___________________ (verb) onto the ___________________ (noun) to ____________________ (verb) for the perfect _________________ (noun).  Some people like them ______________________ (adjective) and _____________________ (adjective) and some like them ______________________ (color) and fat.  We are searching for a tall and _______________________ (adjective) one! “Over there!” I exclaim.  “Dad, it’s over there!” Off we __________________ (verb) saw in hand to _______________ (verb) this year’s _______________________ (noun) down. ______________________ (Exclamation) it’s ___________________ (holiday) finally!


12 Days of Theatre and Art (Crafts)

The 2nd day of 12 days of Theatre and Art is here and today I am sharing with you some arts and crafts that I love doing around the holidays.

Image result for arts and crafts christmas step by step

This Christmas tree is super easy to make although, it may look hard. I always use a base, such as a paper towel role and I cut the ends to look like a triangle. Then you get cardboard paper cut them into strips and fold those in half. Afterwards, you add decorations and now you have your Christmas tree.





Related image


These snowman are super cute and easy to make. All you need is paper and string. Follow the demo below to make.












Image result for arts and crafts christmas step by step

These Jars are fun to make and would work as a great cheap gift.

12 Days Of Theatre and Art

Today, is the first day of 12 days of Theatre and Art and I’m so excited to share with you all the fun things we are going to do until Christmas day. For the first one, I have a song.

12 Days Of Theatre and Art:

On the 12 days of Theatre and Art, my body did for me

One Dramatic Fall

Two Sketches

Three Running Jumps

Four Paintings

Five Entrances

Six designs

Seven cold glares

Eight Still lives

Nine Vocal Cracks

Ten Watercolors

Eleven Costume changes


Twelve Finished Art

Theatre Game: Famous People

Here is a fun theatre game called Famous People.

What you need:


3+ peopledrama activity famous people

Whiteboard, chalkboard


How to play:

  1. Set up two or three chairs in front of a whiteboard / chalkboard. Have the chairs face the Audience with their backs facing the writing surface.
  2. Ask two or three volunteers to sit in the chair.
  3. Behind each volunteers head write down three famous celebrities. The audience should be able to see them but not the volunteers.
  4. The goal is for the volunteers to guess which celebrity they are by asking simple “yes” or “no” questions to the audience. If the response is a “yes” that volunteer gets to keep asking questions to the class. If it is a “no” then the turn is passed onto the next volunteer. (Sample questions could be “Am I male?” Am I a child?” “Am I green?” and so on.)
  5. The game continues until the volunteers guess who they are.



  • If you are rehearsing a specific play or musical consider using only characters in that script.
  • Instead of characters you could also choose famous places.
  • For a class, consider trying a tournament scenario where the first volunteer to guess who they are is the “ultimate winner” and the other winners compete in a final round to see who is “champion.”