12 Days of Theatre and Art (Would you Rather?)

Christmas is coming! Here is a fun game to take your mind off the endless hours of waiting.

Christmas Would You Rather:

Would You Rather live in a giant gingerbread house OR ride on the Polar Express?Image result for gingerbread house

I think I would rather live in a giant gingerbread house, although I might have to keep buying houses because I keep eating my house.

Would You Rather have elf ears OR a Santa beard?

I would rather have elf ears.

Would You Rather make snow angels OR go ice skating?Image result for ice skater

Ice Skating because you can do this for a longer amount of time and I think it would be more entertaining after a while.

Would You Rather wear large ornaments for earrings OR a decorated wreath necklace?Image result for ornament earrings

I think I would choose the earrings because I wear them more often then necklaces.

Would You Rather have mittens for hands OR ski’s for feet?

This one is really hard but I think I’ll choose to have the ski’s for feet. I think that this would be easier in some aspects rather than the mittens for hands.

Would You Rather have a bonfire and eat smores OR watch a holiday video and drink hot chocolate?Image result for bonfire and smores

I think I would have to choose a bonfire and smores because I’ve had lots of bonfires in the past and they are super fun.

Would You Rather go sledding OR take a horse drawn sleigh?

This one is really hard as well but I am going to choose sledding because I have always loved sledding and I could spend hours doing it.Image result for sledding

Would You Rather have snowflakes for eyelashes OR icicles for teeth?

I think I would choose the snowflakes for eyelashes because the icicles for teeth would be really challenging to eat with. Plus snowflakes are pretty so you would have very cool eyelashes.

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