My Play

I am doing a play called Cinderella: The world’s favorite fairy tale.

It tells three different Cinderella stories, The Chinese Cinderella, The Russian Cinderella, and the Native American Cinderella, with the original Cinderella as the Narrator of the whole play. There are 29 characters at which I will get one or two of.

I auditioned last week for it and I am so excited to know which part I get.

I auditoned for:

Cinderella: The original Cinderella

Vasilisa: The russian Cinderalla

Baba Yaga: The witch in the russian Cinderella

The doll: Vasalisa’s best friend in the russian Cinderella


Blue Fox: The stepsister in the Native American Cinderella

And on Monday I’ll know…




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